If you are looking for a bigger screen to display the document while your client signing on it, XENX S3-1000 is a better choice. S3-1000 captures your signature biometrically includes pen stroke speed, pressure, sequence and XY-coordinates of the signature. In consideration of common fast signing behavior, our signature device reads 360 pen data per second.
EMR Technology
XENX S3-1000 uses electromagnetic resonance technology as the pen input sensor. Unlike other resistive sensors which are attached on top of the LCD display, the EMR sensor board is installed under the LCD display and hence pen will not directly scratch the sensor.
Battery-less Pen
Our digital pen does not require external power hence no battery nor electric wire is needed. You do not have to worry about pen out of battery or broken electric wire during operation.The side buttons can be customized to any function with our SDK.
Highly Accurate
XENX S3-1000 pen is embedded with highly accurate pressure sensor that provides 8K levels of pressure sensitivity. Fast and stable MCU allows it to capture 360 set of pen data per second. The resolution of the EMR sensor meets 2540 lines per inch (100 lines per millimeters).
Full Color Display
S3-1000 comes with a 10.1-inch full color display with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. It allows you to display an A4 document in its original width while you can scroll the document with the pen. It is protected by anti-glare tempered glass.
Multi-angle Stands
S3-1000 has two sets of built-in kickstands that allows you to place it in three different angles. Besides, there is standard VESA mount screw holes at the back cover.
Secure Transactions
Biometric data transfer from S3-1000 signature display to the host is secured with RSA + AES encryption.
SDK for Developers
XENX e-signature SDK is available for developers to integrate their own signature solution. Our SDK is compatible with most development platforms and our engineers will provide adequate assistance throughout the development cycle. Should you have any pre-sale or post-sale enquiry, please contact us at dev@xenx-tech.com.
Dynamic Signature Verification
With Dynamic Signature Verification (DSV), the captured biometric signature data is automatically verified dynamically against signature specimen stored encrypted in the systems database. If you want to know more about our DSV solution, please contact us at dev@xenx-tech.com.
Product Specifications